Gnome new features in each release( from 1.4)

First of all, happy Chinese New Year~~

Gnome 1.4 is a little aboriginal, focusing on enhancing user experience in function.

In Gnome 2.x,assistive technology was brought into consideration.

Gnome 1.4



develop tool:GNOME-VFS,Bonobo,Xml-i18n-tools,GConf

                        Enhanced Language Bindings,Enhanced GNOME Display Manager


"Nautilus – a new file manager and desktop environment that allows users to "
"easily manage their files, browse the web and access web-based services "
"through a sophisticated, customizable interface. For example, GNOME users "
"can select any word in a text document and do a Google search on that term "
"or look up the word in an online dictionary."

"Nautilus — 新的文件管理器和桌面环境,使用户能够通过一个精密的,可定制的"
"界面轻松地管理文件,浏览网页和访问基于 Web 的服务,。例如,GNOME 用户可以"

 "Better support and interoperability with KDE and legacy X applications"

 "为 KDE 和传统的 X 应用程序提供更好的支持和互操作性"

"New Application Launch Feedback lets the user know when a program is in the "
"process of being loaded."


"Sawfish window manager is now a standard part of GNOME. All aspects of the "
"user interface are customizable through Sawfish, including complete "
"configuration of the look and feel of the desktop."

"Sawfish 窗口管理器现在是 GNOME 的标准部件。通过 Sawfish 定制用户界面"

"Easier to use and more intuitive help browser and help system, boasting "
"extensive documentation covering all aspects of GNOME operations."

"覆盖 GNOME 业务的各个方面。"

 "GNOME Fifth Toe, a broad collection of applications that run on GNOME."

 "GNOME 第五趾,运行在 GNOME 上应用程序的广泛收集。"

"Medusa, the new GNOME searching/indexing package. Medusa is a content and "
"file indexing system that performs quick searches of a user’s hard drive."

"Medusa,新的 GNOME 搜索/索引包。 Medusa 是内容和文件索引系统,"

"“The goal of GNOME was to create a program that could be used by anyone.” "
"Miguel de Icaza, president of the GNOME Foundation said. “GNOME 1.4 reaches "
"that goal and more. The hundreds of volunteers and paid programmers who have "
"worked on the project have created a program that is powerful, both for the "
"user and the developer.” GNOME 1.4 will also include a number of "
"enhancements for developers, including:"

"“GNOME 的目标是创建一个人人可用的程序。” GNOME 基金会总裁 Miguel de Icaza "
"说。 “GNOME 1.4 达到目标,做得更好。参与该项目的数百名志愿者和有偿程序员们"
"创造了这个程序,无论对用户还是对开发人员来说都功能强大。“ GNOME 1.4 还包括开发者增强包,包括:"

"GNOME-VFS – The GNOME Virtual File System provides an abstraction to common "
"file system operations like reading, writing and copying files, listing "
"directories and so on. GNOME-VFS is extensible and usable from any "
"application on the GNOME desktop."

"GNOME-VFS — GNOME 虚拟文件系统为常见的文件系统操作提供了抽象,如读,写,复"
"制档案,列出目录等等。 GNOME-VFS是可扩展的,GNOME 桌面上的任何应用程序都可使用。"

"Updated Bonobo Component Model – 1.4 will include developments in the "
"interfaces that provide standard component programming and program "
"interoperability in Linux and Unix."

"更新的 Bonobo 组件模型 — 1.4 将包括接口,提供标准组件的可编程和在 Linux 和 Unix 的"

"Xml-i18n-tools – a set of tools for better internationalization and "
"localization of GNOME. Xml-i18n-tools contain some utility scripts for "
"internationalizing various kinds of XML files. In addition, it has a merging "
"feature, which will be extended to handle desktop and MIME files in the "

"XML-i18n 工具 — 更好的国际化和本地化的一套 GNOME 工具。 XML-i18n 工具包含了"
"一些国际各种 XML 文件的实用脚本。此外,它还有合并功能,这将被扩展到处理桌面和 MIME 文件。"

"GConf, a sophisticated system for storing configuration information. It "
"provides a notification service so applications can be notified when a "
"configuration setting changes. changes. Gconf also allows for pluggable "
"storage backends (text files, databases, etc.) and gives administrators "
"control over default and mandatory settings."

"配置或设置改变时,可以通知应用。GConf 还将允许可插拔的存储后端(文本文件,数据"

"Enhanced Language Bindings – facilitating the use of GNOME from a number of "
"programming languages. Language bindings included with GNOME 1.4 for Gtk+ "
"include C, C++, Objective C, Ada, Perl, Python, Guile, TOM, Eiffel, Dylan, "
"JavaScript, Pike, Pascal and Haskell. Many of these languages also have "
"support for GNOME widgets available."

"增强的语言绑定 — 促进多种编程语言使用 GNOME。GNOME 1.4 GTK+ 的语言绑定包括"
"C,C++,Objective C,Ada,Perl,Python,Guile,TOM,Eiffel,Dylan,"
"JavaScript,Pike,Pascal 和 Haskell。这些语言中许多支持 GNOME 组件的开发。"

"Enhanced GNOME Display Manager – A re-implementation of the well-known xdm "
"(X Display Manager) program that features X authentication, default and per-"
"display initialization scripts, pre and post-session scripts, pluggable "
"authentication modules and TCP wrappers for access control."

"增强 GNOME 显示管理器 — 知名的 XDM ( X 显示管理器)程序的重新实现,新增特性"
" X 认证,默认初始化脚本和每个显示器的初始化脚本,会话前后脚本,"
"可插拔认证模块和 TCP 访问控制包装。"


Gvim and Lokalize

在翻译过程中,使用最多的工具当属于 Gvim 和 Lokalize

此处先讲一下如何使用这两种工具快速进入翻译的工作,后面将会有博客专门讲如何更好的使用 vim 这一强大的工具。

简单的说,Gvim 在翻译篇幅不长的文件,同类文件参考时有奇效。

1. Gvim 配置



vim 中的survive级别命令就不介绍了。直接讲一些翻译中常用的快捷键。

"     Action                            Key mappings                 Insert   Normal
"     =================================================================
"     Move to a string (transl. or untransl) forward           \m     \m
"     Move to a string (transl. or untransl) backward        \M     \M
"     Begain to comment this entry                                   \C     \C
"     Move to an untransl. string forward                         \u     \u
"     Move to an untransl. string backward                      \U     \U
"     Copy the msgid string to msgstr                               \c    
"     Delete the msgstr string                                            \d    
"     Move to the next fuzzy translation                           \f     \f
"     Move to the previous fuzzy translation                    \F     \F
"     Label the translation fuzzy                                       \z     \z
"     Remove the fuzzy label                                           \Z     \Z
"     Show msgfmt statistics for the file(*)                       \s     \s
"     Browse through msgfmt errors for the file(*)           \e     \e
"     Put the translator info in the header                          \t     \t
"     Put the lang. team info in the header                        \l     \l
"     Format the whole file(wrap the lines etc.)                \W     \W
"     -----------------------------------------------------------------
"     (*) Only available on UNIX computers.


插入模式下:                                         图形模式       文本模式    ======================================================================                                              
移至下一个未翻译的字符串                             Shift-F1           \m移至上一个未翻译的字符串                             Shift-F2           \p msgid 的内容复制到 msgstr                         Shift-F3           \c删除 msgstr 的内容                                   Shift-F4           \d移至下一个模糊的翻译                                 Shift-F5           \f移至上一个模糊的翻译                                 Shift-F6           \b将翻译标记为模糊翻译                                 Shift-F7           \z删除模糊翻译标记                                     Shift-F8           \r检查并显示翻译中的 msgfmt statistic 统计信息(*)      Shift-F11          \s检查并浏览翻译中的 msgfmt 统计错误信息(*)            Shift-F12          \e将译者信息放入文件头                                    \t              \t将翻译组织信息放入文件头                                \l              \l---------------------------------------------------------------
正常模式下:                                          图形模式       文本模式    ======================================================================                                              
移至下一个未翻译的字符串                              Shift-F1           \m移至上一个未翻译的字符串                              Shift-F2           \p移至下一个模糊的翻译                                  Shift-F5           \f移至上一个模糊的翻译                                  Shift-F6           \b将翻译标记为模糊翻译                                  Shift-F7           \z删除模糊翻译标记                                      Shift-F8           \r在当前光标处分屏打开文件                                gf               gf检查并显示翻译中的 msgfmt statistic 统计信息(*)       Shift-F11          \s检查并浏览翻译中的 msgfmt 统计错误信息(*)             Shift-F12          \e将译者信息放入文件头                                     \t              \t将翻译组织信息放入文件头                                 \l              \l--------------------------------------------------------------- 









今年的Gnome Asia主题和desktop有关,正好在翻译中涉及到许多官方的评价,以及设计师的访谈。后续会至少再写一篇,宣传下gnome 3.8 的设计理念。


Things don’t stand still -- "GNOME 3.8 - Jon McCann talks of future in GNOME"

Many friends who use GNOME complained about how much different when using GNOME 3, could not find the same feeling with GNOME 2. Some even thought it was stupid copycat. I am good with the change, better user experience, but I hope my friend could enjoy their desktop no matter what they use and respect the design of different style designer.

我很多用 GNOME 的朋友们都抱怨 GNOME 3 变化了太多,和用 GNOME 2 的感觉不一样。甚至认为这是愚蠢的照搬,我对变化适应的还好,用户体验不错。但是我希望我的朋友们可以享受他们的桌面系统,无论他们选择了哪一种, 并且尊重不同风格的设计。

Here is the interview I found in gnome website(the one I am translating, so many ,so long ,oh man!), now we have Jon McCann, who answered the question of the design style changing, and talked the future in GNOME.

以下是我在 gnome 网站(就是我正在翻译的那个)上找到的访谈。我们有 Jon McCann 来回答这些问题,并且畅谈 GNOME 的未来。

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5318(post/title)
msgid "GNOME 3.8 - Jon McCann talks of future in GNOME"
msgstr "GNOME 3.8 - Jon McCann 畅想 GNOME 未来"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5321(html/p)
msgid ""
"The GNOME Project is proud to announce the imminent release of GNOME 3.8 in "
"less than two weeks. As with every release, there are many new features and "
"technical improvements. We asked William Jon McCann, a GNOME designer, about "
"the direction of the project and what he is anticipating for GNOME in the "
msgstr ""
"GNOME 计划自豪地宣布 GNOME 3.8 在两个星期内即将发布。"
"我们请教了 GNOME的设计师 William Jon McCann, "
"该项目的方向和他对 GNOME 未来的期待。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5322(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Question</strong>: GNOME 3.8 is going to be released. As always, "
"your work has been very impressive in this release cycle. What are the "
"features you’re most proud of?"
msgstr "<strong>问题</strong>:GNOME 3.8 就要发布了,与以往一样,这一次发布周期中你的工作让人印象深刻。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5323(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Answer</strong>: For me, one of the things that I’m quite happy "
"about is to see a lot of focus on improving the experience for application "
"developers – in addition to the usual effort to improve the experience for "
"our users. We’ve been doing a number of things to move this forward, but one "
"of the most helpful has been to become application developers ourselves in "
"order to really understand what is needed."
msgstr ""
"大概是看到了很多精力放在改善应用开发者的体验上- 除了通常的努力来改善用户体验。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5324(html/p)
msgid ""
"We started with a number of designs for some core applications that solve "
"very common problems and then we set out to find the best and easiest way to "
"get them done. GNOME Documents is a good example."
msgstr ""
"GNOME 文档是一个很好的例子。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5325(html/p)
msgid ""
"We started the project a few releases ago in order to prototype some new "
"design patterns. We learned a lot in that process. We found that many of the "
"tools we needed – just were not there.<br/> So we set out to create new "
"tools, new widgets, new patterns, and I think in 3.8 we’re finally starting "
"to see this take shape. Documents at this point is a very capable document "
"reader, as good as anything else out there."
msgstr ""
"我们在几个版本前开始这个项目为一些新的 "
"设计模式做原型。我们在这个过程中学到了很多。我们发现很多需要的工具 - 只是不在那里<br/>"
"于是我们着手创建新的工具,新部件,新的模式,我认为在 3.8 终于初具规模。"
"在这一点上 Documents 是一个功能强大的文件阅读工具,和其他同类产品一样。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5327(html/p)
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"But perhaps as interesting as that is that in the process we have had to "
"create a new library of tools (libgd) that has proven to be incredibly "
"useful for creating new applications, and has essentially become the staging "
"ground for the next generation of the application development toolkit for "
msgstr ""
"但有趣的是在这个过程中,我们不得不 "
"并且已经基本上成为下一代 GNOME 应用程序开发工具包 - GTK 的舞台。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5328(html/p)
msgid ""
"I think we’re going to see a lot of exciting changes happening in the next "
"few months in this space. And I’m incredibly excited about it."
msgstr "我认为未来几个月在这里我们将看到很多令人兴奋的变化发生。因此我非常兴奋。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5329(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Question</strong>: GNOME 3 has introduced a fresh user experience, "
"but nevertheless, has been severely criticized. Do you believe that GNOME "
"Classic could be a replacement for GNOME 2-nostalgics? Or how do you "
"consider GNOME Classic?"
msgstr ""
"<strong>问题</strong>:GNOME 3 倡导了新的用户体验, "
"但却备受批评。你相信 GNOME Classic 可以取代 GNOME 2-nostalgics 吗?"
"你如何看待 GNOME Classic?"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5330(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Answer</strong>: Nostalgia is a very interesting thing. I think most "
"of the time if you look at it carefully you see that it is most often a "
"longing for a past that never existed, a romantic notion of what was."
msgstr ""
"<strong>答案</ strong>:怀旧是一个很有意思的事情。我想大多数 "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5331(html/p)
msgid ""
"And there is certainly some of that here. We know this because we wrote "
"GNOME 2 – the same people that wrote GNOME 3; that said, for some people "
"GNOME 2 suits them better, I don’t doubt that and, honestly, I think they "
"should be free to continue to use GNOME 2 forever, but it is incredibly hard "
"to do so."
msgstr ""
"肯定是有一些怀旧的因素。我们知道这一点,因为 GNOME 2 是我们的作品 - "
"也就是我们这些人创造了 GNOME 3;这么说,对某些人来说 "
"GNOME 2 更适合他们,我不怀疑这一点,老实说,我认为他们 "
"应该永远自由地使用 GNOME 2,但是这样却非常困难。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5332(html/p)
msgid ""
"One reason for this is the nature of the distribution model we use to "
"deliver our work: it is a train that doesn’t stop and that never really "
"stops at any of the stations; and sometimes people either don’t want to "
"continue on – or don’t really like how fast it is going., and that is fine."
msgstr ""
"其中一个原因是,我们使用来交付工作的分配模型的性质 "
":它是一列不停止列车,从来没有真正 "
"停在任何一个站,有时人们要么不希望 "
"继续 - 或者真的不喜欢它如此快速的行进,这没有关系。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5333(html/p)
msgid ""
"We should allow them to get off at any of the stops. We should have the "
"stops in the first place and those stops should not disappear after a "
"certain amount of time and force them back on the train.<br/> In order to "
"make this happen we need to consider our work more like a whole product."
msgstr ""
"我们应该允许他们在任何一站下车。我们本应该在首位设置车站的,这些车站不应该在一定时间后消失 "
"并逼迫乘客回到列车上。<br/>为了 "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5335(html/p)
msgid ""
"We need to move away from the idea that all the cars are moving in different "
"directions: they all arrive at the station at the same time."
msgstr "我们需要改变所有的车都在朝着不同方向前进的想法:它们在同时到达车站。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5336(html/p)
msgid ""
"For this, we need to consider the entire experience – we need to create an "
"operating system, a cohesive and coherent, integrated user experience and "
"developer experience that will allow us to continue to move ahead without "
"losing steam and still allow regular stops to occur."
msgstr ""
"对于这一点,我们需要考虑整个体验 - 我们需要创建一个 "
"操作系统,它连贯且具有一致性,集成用户体验和 "
"开发人员的经验,使我们能够继续前进而不 "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5337(html/p)
msgid "We can’t afford to stop and just look back. Things don’t stand still."
msgstr "我们不能承受回首过往而停止前进。世界总会改变的。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5338(html/p)
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"<strong>Question</strong> During the last months, Windows 8/RT became an "
"interesting competitor of Android and iOS in mobile environment. Which of "
"them is more inspiring for you, in developing a new design language for "
msgstr ""
"<strong>问题</ strong>在过去的几个月中,Windows8/RT 成为 "
"在移动环境中 Android 和 iOS 有趣的竞争对手。"
"它们中哪一个更令你振奋,为其开发新的 GNOME 设计语言?"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5339(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Answer</strong> There is just a wild amount of innovation occurring "
"at the moment, I don’t recall anything like it. To me this is fascinating "
"and fun, I tend to act a bit like a user experience entomologist, observing, "
"testing, and cataloging the ecosystem. There has never really been such a "
"dynamic and rich environment. And the truth is no one really knows what the "
"future looks like but what is great is that this doesn’t stop people from "
"trying to create it."
msgstr ""
"我不记得过去有这样的事情。对我来说这是令人着迷 "
"和有乐趣的,我倾向于扮演一个用户体验的昆虫学家,观察, "
"测试和编目生态系统。从未真正有过这样的 "
"动态,丰富的环境。事实上没有人真正知道 "
"未来的样子,但真正伟大的是,这并不能阻止人们 "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5340(html/p)
msgid ""
"You learn from what doesn’t work as much if not more than from what does: "
"that’s how progress works."
msgstr ""
"你从什么行不通中学到的和从什么行得通中同样多: "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5341(html/p)
msgid ""
"To me, that is the inspiring thing, that all of them exist – are all very "
"interesting – and that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring."
msgstr ""
"对我来说,这是鼓舞人心的事情,它们都存在 - 都是非常 "
"有趣的 - 而我们不知道明天会带来什么。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5342(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Question</strong>: Recently Ubuntu has released a new mobile "
"version. When can we expect to see a GNOME phone or a GNOME tablet?"
msgstr ""
"<strong>问题</strong>:最近 Ubuntu 发布了一个手机新版本。什么时候我们开始期待看到 GNOME 手机或者GNOME平板。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5343(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Answer</strong> When a partner steps up to work with the project to "
"make it happen, which is one of the really great things about the position "
"GNOME plays in the open source movement. We aim to create an operating "
"system that is better than anything that exists. Better for users. Better "
"for developers."
msgstr ""
"<strong>回答</strong>当合伙人开始和项目合作使其实现的时候,对于 GNOME "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5344(html/p)
msgid ""
"But what some people don’t realize is that because we are a non-profit that "
"isn’t controlled by a single corporation, there are opportunities for "
"partners that don’t exist anywhere else."
msgstr ""
"但有些人不知道的是,因为我们是非营利的 "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5345(html/p)
msgid ""
"We are the level playing field and this is something that we’ve seen "
"partners really value: we are an open project in every sense of the word. "
"So, I can’t give you any specifics but I think this is something that would "
"be really neat to see if it was done properly."
msgstr ""
"我们在公平竞争的环境中,并且我们知道 "
"合作伙伴的重要性:我们是完全意义上的开放项目。 "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5346(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Question</strong>: How do you like to draw the future of GNOME, "
"based on distro/packages system or on free apps? Or what else?"
msgstr ""
"<strong>问题</strong>:你如何去描绘 GNOME 未来的蓝图,"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5347(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Answer</strong>: The future of GNOME is pretty clear. The world’s "
"premier and, in fact, only truly free software operating system. We’ve "
"reached the end of the utility of the package based mentality that has been "
"effective at getting us to where we are now. It was a useful implementation "
"detail but we got a little kooky about it: we turned it into our identity."
msgstr ""
"<strong>回答</strong>:GNOME 的未来相当明确。世界上最好的,事实上,唯一的真正自由软件操作系统。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5348(html/p)
msgid ""
"It turns out that it is now holding us back, we can’t afford to be "
"sentimental about bits."
msgstr "事实证明,它此时已阻止我们前进,我们不能为此感伤。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5349(html/p)
msgid ""
"They served their purpose and now we need something different, we’re in the "
"process of determining what that will look like but we know it will be a "
"dramatically better experience for our users and for application developers "
"and for our partners."
msgstr ""

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5350(html/p)
msgid ""
"It will make it much much easier for our downstream partners to integrate, "
"test, and deliver their products and to make our partnership much stronger "
"in the process: more focused collaboration, much less conflict."
msgstr ""
"它将使我们对下游合作伙伴的整合, "

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5351(html/p)
msgid ""
"For details, I’d like to refer our readers to the discussions on the GNOME "
"OS list."
msgstr "至于具体细节,我想引用我们读者在 GNOME OS 列表上的讨论。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5352(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Question</strong>: In some recent interviews, Linus Torvalds "
"expressed his appreciation of GNOME Shell Extensions. What is your position "
"on extensions?"
msgstr ""
"<strong>问题</strong>:在最近的一些访谈中,Linus Torvalds 表达了他对 GNOME Shell 扩展的欣赏。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5353(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Answer</strong>: Extensions are a great technology. And they have "
"proven to be very useful for tweaking some of aspects of the operating "
"system shell: it is great to see new and old contributors using them to "
msgstr ""
"<strong>回答</strong>:扩展是很好的技术,已经证明了在微调系统 shell 方面很有用:"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5354(html/p)
msgid ""
"We’ve responded to this interest by making some of them obsolete. We’ve "
"incorporated some of the most popular extensions into the core in the last "
"few GNOME releases."
msgstr ""
"作为对这种兴趣的回应,我们摒弃了一些过时应用。我们已经 "
"在最新的 GNOME 版本中将一些最流行的扩展结合到核心中 。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5355(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Question</strong>: During the latest GNOME Developer Experience "
"Hackfest you told us that “Some really cool stuff is coming”. Would you give "
"us some spoilers?"
msgstr ""
"<strong>问题</strong>:在最近的 GNOME 开发者经验黑客大会上您告诉我们“一些真的很酷的东西将要到来”。"

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5356(html/p)
msgid ""
"<strong>Answer</strong>: I’ve already mentioned a couple of the awesome "
"things we’re working on. In essence: applications. Applications are coming. "
"These are very exciting times."
msgstr ""

#: /srv/http/www.gnome.org/html/wppo/dynamic.xml:5357(html/p)
msgid ""
"Awesome! It seems the best is yet to come! Thank you very much Jon for "
"spending time with us and for your amazing efforts to deliver the best user "
"experience for everyone!"
msgstr ""
"太棒了!似乎是最好的还在后头呢!非常感谢你 jon, "


Translation project 101

The propose of this article it to help new Gnomer become translation, especially help the Chinese who would like to join Chinese translation team but have troubles to handle all the English Guide . As a woman, I hope more women could be interested in or even a part of open source.

本文的目的是帮助 Gnome 新人成为翻译者,特别是帮助那些想加入中文翻译团队却因为英文  guide 而头疼的成员。作为女性,我希望更多女性对开源项目感兴趣,甚至成为其中一员。

I once tried to be a GNOME translator, so I found out ways to follow the guide of GNOME, but the translation is not in good format, not accepted. At that time I was wondering how hard translation will be. Until be taught by my mentor now, who are the committer of Chinese Translation team, the speaker of GNOME Asia 2013. If you get any questions with translation and workflow, you could ask himfor help.

今年早些时候,我试着加入GNOME团队,做过一点翻译,质量不是很理想。主要原因是对整个翻译的team以及工作流程了解的不够。感谢我的mentor,给了我许多帮助,他是GNOME 中文团队的committer,如果你在翻译过程中有任何问题,可以请教他。

The most important thing that I have learned is "work with the team".


So I would like to write an introducing guide in my way from failure,I will introduce the team in the first place.

所以我将自己从失败中学到的攻略分享给大家,会着重提到GNOME 中文翻译团队。

Here is the content of this blog
1. Register
2. Find a team
2.1 Translation roles
2.2 Introduce of Chinese translation team
3. Choose a file
4. Choose an editor
5. Basic skill
6. Workflow

2.2 中国翻译团队的介绍


Before the whole translation introducing, I would like to talk about the quick-start with you guys.

Register at https://l10n.gnome.org/register/

注册 l10n

2.Find a team

Join your team at http://l10n.gnome.org/users/team_join/


Knowing the translation roles will help you work better with the team.


2.1 Translation roles


Translators contains persons helping with GNOME translations into a specific language, who added themselves to the translation team. Translators could add comment to a specific PO file translation, could reserve it for translations and could suggest new translations by upload a new PO file. The suggested translations will be reviewed by other team members.


翻译者列表列出了所有有意向帮助翻译 GNOME 到该语言的人员,这些人员是自己将自己加入到其中的。 翻译者可以在 PO 翻译文件的页面上留下评论、占用文件进行翻译,或者是上传文件以便提交新的更新建议。上传的文件将被其他人审阅。


Reviewers are GNOME translators which were assigned by the team coordinator to review newly suggested translations (by translators, reviews or committers). They have access to all actions available to a translators with the addition of some reviewing task (ex reserve a translation file for proofreading, mark a translation as being ready to be included in GNOME).




Committers are people with rights to make changes to the GNOME translations that will be release. Unless a translations is not committed by a committer, it will only remain visible in the web interface, as an attached po file.

Committers have access to all actions of a reviewer with the addition of marking a po file as committed and archiving a discussion for new suggestions.


提交者是小组中有权限将翻译提交到 GNOME 仓库并使之可以在软件下一次发布时一并被发行的人。如果没有提交者进行操作,所有的翻译、审阅都仅仅是在此网页平台上,而不能被应用到实际的仓库中。


If you would like to know some useful information of being a translator and translation itself, following is the helping mail I received when I asked questions .


Glad to hear from you, here is a brief guide for participating:

And here is a guide for conventions in translations:

A tool for querying existing translations using web/sqlite (thanks
csslayer for hosting):

Finally we have more related materials to look up when needed:

3.Choose a file

Click the link into the release you prefer, and find a untranslated file suits your time and ability. Usually the stable release first, for the development may not frozen.


Here is the possible states of file.

No status --无状态 --可以占用
Translating --被占用 --不可以
Proofreading --审阅中 --不可以
To commit --已提交 --不可以
Needs rework --需重做

There is a wonderful guide of choosing file.

4. Choose an editor
Editors I use now
    1. GVim (highly recommend) with po.vim plugin
GVim 快捷键操作方便,界面美观,跨平台应用

    1. Lokalize (KDE)

Other tools you may prefer:

poEdit -- www.poedit.net/
Virtaal -- www.virtaal.org/
OmegaT -- www.omegat.org/
Emacs with po-mode.el -- www.gnu.org/software/emacs/

  1. Basic skill
Don’t be upset, translation is not that hard, here is a simple one.

If you are not sure of your translation, you can tag it as “fuzzy”, like the following done.

If you would like to query existing translations, ask csslayer

In the following blog I will introduce some skill of gvim and vim use.